Parents of TC, aged 4 who left August 2019: 

“Absolutely wonderful environment for the children. They are so cared for and loved and I always feel like they are safe.

My child has loved it. He has had the most wonderful experience. He has loved the outdoor play, the concert and plays put on for parents and all the arts and crafts the nursery does.

Kayleigh – never ever let her go, she is special! So special that we are now willing to drive an extra 40 mins just to bring our second child here. Charlene and Lisa are also brilliant. In Green room Steph and Hayley (now left) were great too. Yellow room – they are all lovely. Becca is so great, as is Jenny.

It was been so important for my child. To learn how to share, be part of a team, be social. He has learnt things I just wouldn’t have thought/had time to teach him.

There is no doubt that Bear Necessities has contributed to him having the happiest childhood memories.”