Harry started Bear Necessities in March 2015 after having spent several years with a childminder in a small confines of her home. 
Even before he joined I was particularly impressed with the staff’s efficiency and friendliness and genuine care for the children. Despite the somewhat radical change in environment, Harry settled into the Green Room very quickly and immediately took a shine to Julie his key worker. The staff were all very kind and helpful and willing to help accommodate any specific requirements, in particular his nap routine – he had been used to napping in his buggy at the childminder’s and needed a dummy to settle. I can honestly say that nothing was too much trouble. His self esteem and confidence grew rapidly, his language skills improved and he became much more adventurous and willing to try new foods!  
The transition to the Yellow Room was smooth and painless – initially Harry still had a soft spot for Julie but as the two rooms were next to one another, this didn’t pose too much of a problem as he was able to see her at playtime. The Yellow Room offers a broad range of activities and learning opportunities through play and exploration in a warm and happy environment. On numerous occasions my husband and I have been surprised with things that Harry has learnt and repeated! He particularly liked the space project and we continued the theme at home with books and stories.
Every member of staff has worked hard to ensure that Harry has been happy and cared for and it is clear that an enormous amount of thought and preparation goes into lesson and activity planning. Both Katarina and Sam have been incredibly accommodating and flexible when needed with sessions and days – the personal touch that I believe the franchises lack!
Peter as in house chef does an excellent job in ensuring that the children eat healthy and well and experiment with more “exotic” choices, I have often left feeling very jealous that Harry will be enjoying lamb moussaka or salmon linguine for lunch when I know I have an ordinary sandwich! 
Bear Necessities benefits from great management who take an active role in running the nursery and a strong work ethic.  One of its greatest strength is the fantastic staff.  Every member of staff clearly enjoy their job and show genuine love for their charges. It’s a wonderful nursery – I can not recommend it highly enough and we will miss it very much.