At Bear Necessities we believe in the importance of inclusive practice and parental involvement in every child’s learning and development. Parents are made to feel welcomed, valued and are treated as equal partners. Bear Necessities aims to ensure all parents have full involvement and understanding in their child’s learning and development.

Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When practitioners and parents work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning’ (EYFS 2012).

Bear Necessities welcomes parents through a wide variety of involvement, communication and consultation activities.

Strong parent partnership is extremely important to Bear Necessities. All practitioners will benefit from finding out as much information about the individual child to help provide continuity with their care as well as helping to support them to reach their full potential whilst in our care. Practitioners and parents will work together, learning from each other through effective communication to support and extend children’s learning and development in all areas.

For a full list of all our partnering activities please ask about our Parents as Partners initiatives.