We aim to ease the transition of children in to our setting. We understand that every child is unique and will react to new a setting/key person differently. At Bear Necessities we are proud of our strong procedures in order to ensure both the child and the parent/carer feel immediately at ease and comfortable on joining the setting.

The following procedures apply:

  • The child/parent will receive a ‘Welcome to Bear Necessities Nursery’ letter, posted to them direct from the setting. This will support the child/children to recognise their Key Person, Lead Practitioner and class room, in preparation for their start date. (Every child has a Key Person, however we recognise that all children bond differently and as professionals we will ensure we recognise and react appropriately should a child form better bonds with another practitioner. I.e. change  of Key Person).
  • Bear Necessities staff will work in partnership with parents/carers to settle the child/children into the nursery environment. The Lead Practitioner will organise settling in sessions at appropriate times, in conjunction with parents/carers.
  • During the settling in sessions, all staff are aware of the feelings and anxieties that the child/children and parents/carers may experience. The Lead Practitioner and Key Person will be available to answer any questions and discuss any queries regarding the nursery.
  • A welcome pack for each room is available for the parents/carers to find out in depth information about how the individual rooms work and their routines. This is a great tool to be shared with parents during any visit sessions.
  • The child/children and parents/carers will be offered three free settling in sessions for the duration of one hour. It is advised that for the first one/two sessions, parents/carers stay with their child. This will include working together during the first session to complete a new starter form/entry profile to ensure all relevant information about the child/children is passed across to the Lead Practitioner and Key Person.
  • The second/third session, depending on the how the child/children are settling, will often be a chance for the parent/carer to be encouraged to leave and allow the child/children to experience their time at the setting alone. Parents/carers are more than welcome to stay on the premises and receive regular feedback from practitioners about their child’s progress.
  • A gradual settling in time is allowed for the first few weeks for the child/children to receive sufficient time to feel settled and the parent/carer to feel comfortable about leaving them.  Parents/carers may wish to collect their child/children early for the first few sessions.
  • No child will be taken on an outing from the nursery until he or she is completely settled and written consent is given by the parent/carer.


With regards to the child/children moving up to the next room, parents/carers will receive a letter the month prior to visits informing them of all relevant information and dates.  Before the child’s first visit to the next room, the child’s key person will organise a meeting time appropriate for the parents so they can meet the child’s new key person and discuss the new environment and child’s learning. Parents/carers will also be provided with an ‘all about me starter form’ to provide the new key person and other practitioners information about their child. The child’s key person will also organise a meeting with the child’s new key person to discuss the child’s learning and development at nursery prior to their first visit. The key person or buddy will accompany the child/children on their first visit or visits to the next room to support a smooth transition.